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  Illinois SW Orthopedics Physical Therapy is a busy outpatient clinic specializing in the rehabilitation of post-surgical patients; sports injuries; work-related injuries; overuse injuries; and chronic pain.

We have two physical therapists, an occupational therapist and 5 physical therapy assistants. A certified hand therapist and a certified ergonomics specialist are part of our highly trained staff. Our three therapists have 47 years of combined experience. They develop an individual treatment plan base on your unique problem.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy helps preserve, develop, and restore physical function. It can help restore physical health that has been lost to injury, disease, or other causes.

Physical Therapy may include treatment for pain, range of motion, strength, posture, balance, and endurance. Based on the individual's needs, specific goals are set for each patient. Some typical goals might be to improve range of motion of a joint, to increase or to improve ability to walk.

We treat patients with:
Joint replacements
Hand injuries
Post-reconstructive surgery
Carpal tunnel
Shoulder pain
Neck pain
Back pain
Elbow pain
Knee pain
Much more…

On you first visit you, will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist. Based on the evaluation and your diagnosis, he/she will then recommend a course of treatment that may consist of the following.

Strengthening & Strengthening Excercises
Electrical Stimulation
Hot or Cold Packs
Manual therapy
Stationary Bike

Every patient is unique, therefore each treatment program is tailored to fit his/her individual needs and abilities.

Hours are 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.
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